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Established on June 2015, Southwest Asian Canning Corporation is situated at Dumagsa Road, Zone I Talisayan, Zamboanga City . Philippines. Situated in the industrial zone of Zamboanga City. The plant facility occupies a total of 31,520 square meters of floor area. The factory is equipped with its own cold storage facility, with a capacity to accommodate 5000 tubs of fresh sardines which is kept at -10℃ and blast freezers which can accommodate 1000 tubs of fresh sardines and can be freeze to -20℃. With enough manpower, the company can process 64 metric tons of fresh sardines on a single shift. For warehousing purposes, it has a 3 separate warehouse buildings for finished goods, packaging materials and dry ingredients. For environmental concerns, the factory is equipped and maintains a waste water treatment facility using an aeration method. Southwest Asian Canning Corporation complies with all applicable laws and regulations as mandated by government agencies and bureaus. For its energy requirements, the factory has two (2) sets of standby emergency generators with a total capacity of 2,160 kilowats. The company enjoys a state of the art equipments, machineries and tools that allow the company to produce in accordance with the demand and requirement of our clients. Southwest Asian Canning Corporation is known by its clients for delivering consistent and quality standard products. The continued success of Southwest Asian Canning Corporation is purely dependent upon our clients trust and we are dedicated towards preserving that trust.   


We strive to be the preferred toll packer for canned sardines and commercial sardine variants in the Asia Pacific region.


To manufacture and produce with the highest quality canned sardine products and be a reliable supply partner to build long term relationships and retain the brand equity of our customers.


Core Values: 
• Honesty - Being truthful to others, truthful to yourself, and doing what’s right regardless of who is around. 
• Integrity - We always believe in doing the right thing and being able to differentiate the good from the bad.
• Trust - We always believe that “to be trusted is a greater compliment that being loved.” 
• Respect - We believe in treating each other with respect is a great advantage in building both good relationship and camaraderie.  
• Results -  We believe that being result oriented in everything is the key characteristic of for a higher work performance. 
• Exceed Expectations -To always deliver more than what you are asked for.  
• Teamwork - We work as a team to achieve a common goal. 
• We grow through creativity, invention and innovation. 
• We integrate business ethics into all aspects of our business functions  

Southwest Asian Canning Corporation

A quality and reputable toll manufacturing company.

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